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When The Rain Stops by Maison Margiela 100ml Eau De Toilette Spray

A passing rain struck in the middle of Spring. Suddenly, the sky calms down, clouds disappear giving way to shy rays of sun. When the Rain Stops evokes the joyful feeling of seeing the sun return after the rain.

The sky returns to a state of calm, raindrops become less frequent and gradually stop as the clouds slowly disappear and give way to shy rays of sun that illuminate the wet surroundings. 

Designer: Maison Margiela

Year Introduced: 2021

Type: EDT

Category: Women

Fragrance Notes: This fragrance is inspired by the joyful nature of Spring conjures the thought of the wet nature under the rays of a joyful rainbow. The aquatic accord signals the last remaining raindrops evaporating from the tips of the pine needle trees into the fresh air. Luminous Isparta rose and vibrant pink pepper notes blend blissfully and provide the heart to this perfume. The combination of the earthy scent of the Patchouli essence associated with the aquatic accord is the signature of the fragrance as it recreates the sensation of wet nature. The Patchouli essence is a luxurious ingredient that is sustainably sourced in Bali, in accordance with the highest environmental and ethical standards. Its production helps local populations and offers the best quality ingredient. The Isparta Rose Petal essence is also sustainably and ethically sourced. It offers sweet notes of fresh rose that illuminate the fragrance. Combined with the vibrant pink pepper, it evokes the positive energy brought by the return of the sun.